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Ultra-Guard Fabric Protection | Houston Service Center

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Ultra-Guard Fabric Protection | Houston Service Center


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Ultra-Guard, the Interior Designers' Choice for Fabric Protection and Furniture Protection, offers the only on-site stain guard nanotech for upholstery and carpets in Houston, Texas including The Woodlands River Oaks Memorial and The Heights. The Ultra-Guard formula called STAIN FREE contains an ultra-violet inhibitor to reduce sun fade on furniture and rugs. STAIN FREE, unlike temporary Scotchgard type applications, does not contain silicone and will not change the color or feel of fabric and is guaranteed for the life of the fabric. STAIN FREE is hypoallergenic, non-toxic and safe for children and pets.




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David Walker

Fabric Protection Services in Houston, Texas

My designer tried to talk me out of using velvet for my dining chairs, but when I insisted, she recommended that I call Ultra-Guard and I’m glad I did. I’ve had 3 service calls to remove stains and they’ve all come out. Great stuff…I highly recommend.

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