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Olesia’s Taverne of Richfield


Olesia's Taverne of Richfield


3960 Broadview Rd
Richfield Ohio 44286
United States


(234) 400-0288

As a Ukrainian native, Olesia's passion for cooking stemmed from the finest cook in their home village - her grandmother Maria and her amazing use of fresh ingredients grown right at her home in Ishkiv - a village which is only 41-acres in size. Growing up on a farm, Olesia appreciated the benefits of using only fresh meats and produce by raising their own animals and growing their own fruits and vegetables.
All of these traits were brought to Olesia's previous restaurant "Olesia's Place" and now Olesia's Taverne of Richfield, where fine dining meets Ukrainian flair.


About Richfield

Richfield is a village in Summit County, Ohio, United States. The population was 3,729 at the 2020 census. It is located midway between Akron and Cleveland and is part of the Akron metropolitan area. == History == Richfield was founded in 1809 and incorporated in 1967. The village was named for the richness of their soil.

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