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Aqua Medical Spa – Alpharetta

Restore, Rejuvenate, Enhance and Protect your Skin


Aqua Medical Spa - Alpharetta


11975 Morris Road Suite 310 A
Alpharetta Georgia 30005
United States


(678) 710-2325

Aqua Medical Spa in Alpharetta's team of aestheticians, laser technicians, and physicians are dedicated to providing you with highly customized anti-aging treatment plans that will help you rejuvenate, enhance, and protect your natural beauty, no matter what age you are. Everyone's skin deserves to be treated with the best.


About Alpharetta

Alpharetta is a city in northern Fulton County, Georgia, United States, and is a part of the Atlanta metropolitan area. As of the 2020 US Census, Alpharetta's population was 65,818; in 2010, the population was 57,551. == History == In the 1830s, the Cherokee people in Georgia and elsewhere in the South were forcibly relocated to the Indian Territory (present-day Oklahoma) under the Indian Removal Act. Pioneers and farmers later settled on the newly vacated land, situated along a former Cherokee trail stretching from the North Georgia mountains to the Chattahoochee River.One of the area's first permanent landmarks was the New Prospect Camp Ground (also known as the Methodist Camp Ground), beside a natural spring near what is now downtown Alpharetta. It later served as a trading post for the exchanging of goods among settlers.Known as the town of Milton through July 1858, the city of Alpharetta was chartered on December 11, 1858, with boundaries extending in a 0.5-mile (0.8 km) radius from the city courthouse.



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